Our services

Collecting and transporting
hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Waste recovery / eliminate
hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Recovery of sorted
recyclable materials

Decontamination activities and services
(stabilization, bioremediation)

Container dismantling activities
(paint, other aerosols, cosmetics)

About the services offered

Our company currently operates in several of its own work points, covering nationwide all range of services for the collection, treatment, processing and recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste with alternative fuels, including:

  • Collection, transport, temporary storage, sorting, treatment, stabilization, bioremediation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste;
  • Collection, treatment and recovery of industrial sludge containing dangerous and / or non-hazardous substances from the oil industry, sewage treatment plants, extractive industry, steel industry, chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry;
  • Treatment, decontamination, greening, rehabilitation of sites / soils contaminated with chemicals, oil, acid tar; cleaning of oil tanks;
  • Decontamination and washing of contaminated metal / plastic packaging in order to capitalize on them;
  • Dismantling / demolition of installations, machines, equipment, obsolete boilers, dismantling of oil filters / paint booth with metal part and recovery of materials or waste for reuse / recovery / disposal;

Waste treatment and processing

According to the Integrated Environmental Permits that our company holds, we can take over a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, among which we can list:

-waste plastics, paper and board, wood, polystyrene, textiles, rubber, contaminated packaging, absorbents, filter materials contaminated with hazardous substances, varnishes and paints, sewage sludge, various sludges, emulsions, washing water, organic waste , sorted oil residues, etc.

After processing in its own facilities, the result is alternative solid and / or liquid fuel, which is a homogeneous product composed of the wastes listed above, with or without the content of hazardous substances, which will be recovered by co-incineration in the cement industry.

Although our primary goal is to maximize capitalization, we are aware that the activity of our partners also results in waste that is not suitable for these processes.

Thus, our company can provide solidification stabilization treatment services.

Stabilization of waste containing hazardous substances applies to waste such as contaminated soils, sediments, sewage sludge, galvanic sludge, sludge containing petroleum products, or other industrial waste.

Stabilization / solidification techniques are used internationally to prevent or minimize environmental contamination by producing a solid mixture with improved handling characteristics, low specific contaminant transfer area, reduced contaminant mobility when exposed to fluids, and with the binding of the contaminant in a non-toxic form.

The treatment results in an inert waste that is analyzed in order to monitor and meet the criteria for acceptance for disposal in hazardous or non-hazardous waste landfills.

ALTERNATIVE FUELS ROMANIA also acts on the market of projects for decontamination and remediation of historically polluted sites. Contamination is usually done on old sites that need to be cleaned as an environmental requirement or the site or material needs to be prepared for future use (cleaning of oil lagoons, remediation of the steel industry site, cleaning of sites for electrical installations, heavy machinery old sites production, etc.).

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