About us

Alternatives Fuels Romania mobilizes and adapts all its unique resources for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste management in order to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Working with a network of reliable partners we are able to develop and deliver complete services, mainly through recovery, recycling, treatment and superior recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste by transforming it into alternative fuels and their further use.

These treatment solutions, with a focus on recycling and recovery, minimize the generation of emissions or residues that return to nature or landfills, contributing to the conservation of natural resources, by partially replacing fossil fuels and reducing the impact of waste on the environment.

Our company aims to comply with the application of the waste hierarchy, according to the environmental legislation in force, providing its customers with the best techniques in the field of waste recovery.

Our activity is authorized according to the environmental regulations in force at local, regional and national level for all the facilities and facilities used, respecting the BAT (Best Available Technologies) criteria.

ALTERNATIVE FUELS ROMANIA has equipment owned by the company or rented with the help of which it carries out its activity, such as:

Industrial shredders


ADR trucks


Different volume containers

Front loaders



Sorting plants




Alternatives Fuels Romania is also active in the area of ​​greening of contaminated sites, within these projects, the highest performance installations are used for:

– Treatment, decontamination, greening, rehabilitation of sites / soils contaminated with chemicals, oil, acid tar;

– Cleaning of oil product tanks;

– Dismantling / demolition of installations, machines, equipment, obsolete buildings, in order to reuse / capitalize / eliminate;

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